Brandon Long

Software Engineer | Student | Web Developer | Musician

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Who Am I?

I am a Senior Computer Science Student at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University from Stone Mountain, GA. So far, I have had the privilege of working at NASA, Oracle Corporation, Sam's Club, Apple, and on campus as a web developer for a research lab and a Teaching Assistant for a Data Structures course. Outside of being a coder, I am also a musician of eleven years with experience on the Alto Saxophone, the French Horn, and the Flugel Horn.

Prior to attending college, I originally wanted to be an Architect. This plan started shifting when I noticed how much technology has affected the way Architects design structures. I started doing research on how tech has evolved not only this industry but other industries as well. Soon after, I came across the amazing field of Computer Science.

Upon receiving my Bachelor's Degree, I would like to further my education by receiving a Master's in Computer Science with a focus in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I would also like to build on to my extensive background by gaining more experiences with the best engineers around the world.

After accomplishing all of these goals, I hope to one day start my own tech company focused on Artificial Intelligence. With experience at some of the best companies and universities in the world, I will be able to use my wealth of knowledge to create a product or service to make life a bit easier for society.

My Professional Philosophy

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

I believe passionately in the power of education and the personal and moral obligations that derive from it. It is my education that will best prepare me for my career field and will be key in ensuring that I am successful in my industry. I also believe that all students should be exposed to Computer Science and that within the next twenty to thirty years, all industries will be greatly influenced by some form of new technology thanks to Computer Science.

As the President of the Association for Computing Machinery at my University, I have made it my top priority to ensure that my peers are well equipped for their future. I continuously seek for new ways to share my personal knowledge while also learning more myself day by day. Working with and leading my peers in the right direction will not only prepare myself for success in my industry, but will also prepare future generations as well.

Some Of My Work

Upscale Bath Solutions, link to project info

Upscale Bath Solutions

ACM NCAT Chapter, link to project info

ACM | NCAT Chapter

TECHLAV, link to project info


NC Park App Layout, link to project info

NC Park App Layout

Oops! iOS App, link to project info

Oops! iOS App

NSBE NCAT Chapter, link to project info